About Us

Company Overview

Silver Fountain Financial Services Limited (“SFFS”) was established in 2008 in Hong Kong and is a registered Professional Insurance intermediary of the “Professional Insurance Brokers Association” (PIBA). It’s mainly engaged in insurance brokerage business. SFFS joined Fortune Fountain Capital Financial Group (“FFC Financial Group”) in 2017, and became a member of the Group.

Our elite team has rich experience in risk management and insurance and wealth management expertise.  We are committed to provide corporate clients as well as high net worth individuals with portfolio management covering their financial planning, wealth management, risk management and insurance. 

As an independent financial adviser (IFA), we are committed to source in the market the most suitable one-stop financial solution for global customers, including those of the rapid growth of wealthy Mainland China visitors.  We always grasp the latest market trends and constantly develop new products as well as professional services in order to meet different customer needs.

PIBA Membership Number    ﹕M-0518

Fortune Fountain Capital Financial Group Overview

Established by shareholders from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Europe, Fortune Fountain Capital Financial Group (“FFC Financial Group”) is a comprehensive financial services and wealth management group active in financial services, wealth management, family office and principal investment, with its business and client portfolio spreading across Asia, North America and Europe. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, FFC Financial Group serves a vast network of clients globally by offering a wide range of financial products and services, as well as luxury experience and lifestyle service. It also has expertise in serving high-net-worth individuals and distinguished families.

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